What are Full-Spectrum Extracts? & What is the difference between Full-Spectrum vs Standardized?

Full-spectrum extracts closely mimic the effects of whole herbs. The extraction process keeps a plant as close to its natural makeup as possible. Full-spectrum extraction enhances the health benefits of an extract by preserving its complex range of chemical compounds. Extracting the whole part of the herb containing the plant’s active ingredients, this maintains the plant’s natural integrity and balance, enhancing the overall therapeutic effects and keeping the extract as close to the original plant as possible.

Full-spectrum herbal extracts are more in sync with the process of human metabolism that addresses problems such as chronic conditions and nutritional imbalances without disturbing the balanced synergy of human biological processes.

Herbs that are full-spectrum and carry the full range of constituents of chemical compounds are more effective than herbs that have been altered and carry a much smaller risk of side effects.

“Throughout history, plants have been are our food, oxygen, and medicine.”

Full-Spectrum vs. Standardized?

All traditional evidence-based medicine systems are based on whole herbs.
Full-spectrum extracts contain the same balance of chemical constituents and the same complex interactions between chemical constituents as whole herbs. However, in some cases, full-spectrum herbs may suffer from inconsistent potency from batch-to-batch.

Standardized extracts are particularly prevalent in the United States, where medical research is often focused on the effects of an isolated chemical.

The benefit of standardization is that batch-to-batch concentrations are consistent; HOWEVER, many other important chemicals may be lost or diluted in the process. As a result, no matter the concentration of the specified chemical, the medicinal value of standardized extracts can’t be considered comparable to that of whole herbs or of full-spectrum extracts.

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