Vīdl Tips For Keeping Your Healthy Lungs:

Your lungs provide oxygen and keep every other organ functioning by removing carbon dioxide from your body.

When your lung health is affected, it impacts the quality of everyday life.


Prevent Infection:

  • A cold or other respiratory infection can sometimes become very serious. There are several things you can do to protect yourself:
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Alcohol-based cleaners are a good substitute (if you cannot wash them right away).
  • Avoid large crowds during the cold and flu season, this helps to reduce the spread of infections.
  • Practice good oral hygiene will also protect you from the germs in your mouth leading to infections.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily and see your dentist at least every six months.
  • Manage chronic conditions.
  • Take your lungs for a walk: Exercise more frequently, which can help your lungs function properly.
  • Strike a yoga pose: some studies suggest simple yoga with stretching and breathing may actually increase your lung function and exercise capacity.
  • Breathe deeply: Doing deep-breathing exercises can improve your lungs efficiency, maintain healthy lungs, and help people with respiratory diseases learn to breathe better.
  • Go smoke-free and avoid secondhand smoke or environmental irritants.
  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Keep it clean: Dust mites, pet dander, and mold: If they’re lurking in your home, they can trigger allergies and asthma or worsen existing respiratory symptoms.
  • Use tools like indoor air filters and reduce pollutants like artificial fragrances, mold, and dust.


A list of herbs that clear lungs and relieve toxicity. 


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