Remedy Herbal Extract Tea And Natural Remedies

Take a look at our reviews, not only from verified customers but also see what health professionals have to say about our best-selling all natural Remedy Herbal Extract Tea.

Remedy medicinal blend is based on a potent herbal formulation compounded with bitter herbs and adaptogens.

Traditional medicine aims to target the underlying root causes of various health concerns and conditions.

Our herbal blends are safe, effective and formulated by board-certified herbalists and practitioners and backed by centuries of proven results.


Dr. Wang has medical training in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wang is a National Board Certified and New York State Licensed acupuncturist and a National Board Certified Chinese herbalist.

Dr. Wang received her medical degree in Oriental medicine from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and her Ph.D. in research advancement in Oriental medicine from the College of Alternative Medicine Research Advancement, AGU.

Before coming to the United States, Wang was a teaching physician at Shandong University of TCM (1980-1983). After that she served as Chief Medical Administrator of the State Administration of TCM from 1983 to 1987.

In the early 2000s, Wang directed the development of the largest TCM database in the US.

Then in 2007, Wang was one of the first six practitioners worldwide to be awarded the title of Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Natural Remedies Physician in Chief, by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

After reviewing our Remedy formulation for efficacy, Wang later expressed to our team our herbal formula was “superb.” 


Herbal Tea Extract-Natural Remedies

Herbal Tea Extract



Remedy’s therapeutic benefits has anti-inflammatory properties, that aim to help fight viral infections and remove toxins. 



Herbal Tea Extract- Natural Remedies

Herbal Tea Extract


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