A Holistic & Traditional Approach to Nourish Your Body Naturally.

A Holistic & Traditional Approach to Nourish Your Body Naturally.

Nourish Your Body

Traditional medicine and herbal remedies have been used throughout the world for many centuries. In some parts of the world, the majority of the population continues to rely on their own traditional medicine to meet their primary health care needs.

Some traditional medicine practices and herbal remedies are often passed down from generation to generation through verbal teaching, other practices are supported by large amounts of research, literature, data, techniques and records of the concepts, theory and practical skills.

Traditional medicine defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)  “is the sum total of knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures that are used to maintain health, as well as to prevent, diagnose, improve or treat physical and mental illnesses.” 


Traditional medicine involves the use of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine is the use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing. Herbal medicines have been used throughout the beginning of human history and played a pivotal role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Herbal medicine aims to return the body to a state of natural balance so that it can heal itself.

Practices known as traditional medicines include traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Native American medicine, traditional Korean medicine, traditional African medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha medicine, Unani, ancient Iranian Medicine, Iranian (Persian), Islamic medicine, Muti, Ifá, traditional Mexican medicine and Hispanic folk medicine. Among those, the most widely used traditional medicine systems today include those of Traditional African, Indian and Chinese Medicine. 

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When adopted outside of its traditional culture, traditional medicine is often referred as complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM or CAM). The terms are used interchangeably with traditional medicine (TM) in some countries.

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness. 

Ayurvedic medicine also known as Ayurveda, is one of the world’s oldest holistic whole-body healing systems. It began more than 3,000 years ago in India. In the United States, it’s considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a  balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda promotes good health as preventative measures, and treatments are geared towards a health concern. Those who practice Ayurveda believe every person is made of five basic elements found in the universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth.

These combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called doshas.

TCM is an ancient system of health and wellness that’s been used in China for thousands of years.  TCM looks at your entire well-being.

Our herbalists have carefully formulated blends from all over the globe that supports immunity, replenish nutrients, restores balance, renew the flow of energy and total wellbeing. 

“Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely necessary for you to live a higher quality life.”

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Jing – Essence, is the source of life, health and longevity. We all are born with Jing Essence, which is stored in the Kidneys and which fuels all other energies. As we age, we naturally deplete our Jing essence; but chronic stress, illness and imbalance will exhaust our Jing faster than we can replenish it through foods and herbs. We must nourish Jing daily with acquired nutritive energy derived from healthy foods, water, meditation, exercise and herbs. To preserve and protect our Jing from depletion, we must avoid drug and alcohol abuse, bulimia or anorexia, excessive exercise and excessive sexual activities. The latter is especially important for men. Most healthy women don’t have to worry so much about losing essence through sexual activity. For all women it is more important to preserve blood. Chinese medicine tells us that Blood and Jing Essence share the same source. Blood preservation is especially important for a woman because when she loses blood, she loses Jing. The wisdom of a woman’s body initiates menopause as a way to preserve blood and essence for a longer healthier life.


Qi or (Chi)

Qi – Energy, vitality, life force, the primal life force which penetrates every cell within the living body and activates it’s vital functions.

Qi is also about flow. In health your Qi flows smoothly, but if it becomes blocked or stagnant then you experience disease or disharmony. A lack of flow can be seen at a physical level as aches, pains and stiffness, and at a mental or emotional level as mood swings and a feeling of being stuck.

Free-flowing, strong Qi can optimize the function of the entire body. Inside our body, Qi generates movement, heat, protects our cells and offers us the energy to think, walk, speak and experience our deepest emotions.

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Shen – Mind or Spirit, is translated as “Spirit” or “Mind.” The Shen is responsible for consciousness, cognition, emotional life and our “presence”. Shen is expressed as love, compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance. It manifests as our wisdom and our ability to see all sides of all issues, our ability to rise above the world of right and wrong, good and bad, yours and mine, high and low, etc. Shen is our higher knowledge that everything is one, even though nature manifests dualistically and cyclically, often obscuring our vision and creating illusion.