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What you put in your body should be made from the best nature has to offer. Vīdl Wellness has combined our passion for healthy living, century-old remedies, traditional medicine and science to bring out the best in nature, in return; naturally bring out the best in you.

Our blends are precisely compounded with authentic premium herbs that have exceptional potency and consciously formulated with all-natural ingredients to nourish and revitalize your body.

Our herbalists have carefully formulated blends that boost your immunity, replenish nutrients to the body, flush out toxins, restore your balance and renew your flow of energy.

You can rest assured knowing you are consuming what’s on the label. We apply meticulous standards & specifications to ensure the identity, purity, potency, and composition of our herbal extract blends.

Our natural ingredients are regulated to ensure that herbal supplements meet manufacturing standards. Our herbs are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

Detailed information is provided about each of our blends, so you can make informed, knowledgeable decisions about the herbal formulas best for you.

Many people experience improved overall well-being by adding natural supplements to their dietary regimen, join them today and harness the power of nature now.

Full Spectrum Herbal Extracts

Purity. Potency. Integrity.

Full-spectrum extracts contain all the active chemical constituents of whole herbs in concentrated form.


Full-spectrum extracts closely mimic the effects of whole herbs. The extraction process keeps a plant as close to its natural makeup as possible. Full-spectrum extraction enhances the health benefits of an extract by preserving its complex range of chemical compounds. Extracting the whole part of the herb containing the plant’s active ingredients, this maintains the plant’s natural integrity and balance, enhancing the overall therapeutic effects and keeping the extract as close to the original plant as possible.



Full-spectrum herbal extracts are more in sync with the process of human metabolism that addresses problems such as chronic conditions and nutritional imbalances without disturbing the balanced synergy of human biological processes. Herbs that are full-spectrum and carry the full range of constituents of chemical compounds are more effective than herbs that have been altered and carry a much smaller risk of side effects. Throughout history, plants have been are our food, oxygen, and medicine. 

Our story

I am American, but my grandparents immigrated from Colón, Panama in the early 1950s and settled in San Francisco, California. My grandfather was a merchant seaman, where he worked as a cook to provide for his family. My grandma-ma was a housewife with two children who volunteered at the hospital aka “candy striper”, you know the women that wear the red-and-white-striped fabric. She worked without pay, so financially there were no gains, but the joy she received while assisting the nursing staff with patients was her reward. As a health care provider assistant, she was fully aware of the importance of good health. She understood that taking steps towards modern remedies and centuries-old antidotes made from plants were best for your mind and body. She knew that combating chronic diseases, illnesses, weight loss, stress and more, could only be accomplished by the fusion of nature and man. My grandma-ma instilled so many vital things in me over the years from listening to her stories from her homeland to her experiences of allowing people in our 

Nob Hill neighborhood to come to her with their health concerns, her willingness to help others gave me the idea to start Vīdl Wellness, sharing what she has passed on to me by passing it on to you. At Vīdl Wellness, we have formulated herbal blends that will boost your immunity, replenish your vitality and restore your energy, so you will feel healthier and more energetic from head to toe. When you take our herbs, extracts, and tonics, you will be enriched with optimal nutrients that will restore your natural balance, rid your body of toxins, and renew your flow of energy. This year, my grandma-ma Rose passed at the ripe old age of 93 and I have been lost without her. She left me with so many memories, as well as her journal of remedies. To carry on her traditions, I teamed up with some awesome herbalists who helped me bring her formulation to light, these precise blends restore the body’s individual health. I knew I needed to share these antidotes, it’s what she would have wanted me to do. Put yourself first, put your family first, help yourself and help your family by choosing Vīdl Wellness and feel the difference. Get Started Today.