“Everything in life is vibration.” –Albert Einstein.

1. Gratitude is one of the easiest ways to amp up your vibe. Try it right now—state out loud 1, 2, or a few things that you are grateful for at that moment.

2. Meditate & Breathwork.
Observe your thoughts, instead of attaching emotions to them, and let them go. Breathe deeply: the more oxygen your cells get, the more alive you will feel.

3. De-clutter your work and living space.
Have a tech detox (yes the device you are reading this on, put it down after you finish reading this blog post.)

4. Say NO to something that drains your energy.

5. Be mindful of your thoughts. (Pay attention to the way you talk and think about yourself. Be mindful of conversations talking about other people too. You’re not always aware of all the thoughts you’re saying. But those thoughts are what become your reality)

6. Fuel your body right. An abundance of energy, mental clarity, and inner peace, all start with what we put into our bodies. The foods that we eat affect us on a mental, and physical level. Be mindful of what you consume — food, alcohol, drugs, and supplements. You cannot raise your vibration and mood if all you’re eating synthetic processed foods with no nutritional value. Eat less processed foods, eat more unprocessed foods. Drink Vīdl Wellness full-spectrum herbal extracts teas & tonics. Drink water. Always stay hydrated. Be mindful of the amount of anything you consume.

7. Be conscious of your environment including people you are spending your time with. 

8. Let go of those who do not serve you.

9. Spend time in nature. Yes — even during this pandemic its absolutely necessary to get fresh air and sunlight.

10. Have fun – even if it’s BY YOURSELF and please stop complaining.

Vibration requires movement, the more you move the better your vibrations move.

So Get Active!

The happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency. 

Love: spread it, accept it, and live it!!

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