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Treat Yourself to 10% off with code VIDL10

Magnolia Bark- Traditional medicine

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark, comes from the magnolia tree also known as Magnolia Officinalis, (commonly called houpu magnolia, Hou Pu,) the bark of Magnolia has been traditionally used in Chinese and Japanese medicines for the treatment of anxiety, asthma, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, and headaches. Two of the compounds called Magnolol and Honokiol. It’s used to help support healthy digestion and improve bowel function. They were first found in plants in the Magnolia family and historically used to support stress and respiratory health.


Benefits and Uses

  • May help promote healthy cellular function
  • May help support feelings of well being
  • May help promote healthy stress levels
  • May help support healthy sleeping habits
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