Treat Yourself to 10% off with code VIDL10

Treat Yourself to 10% off with code VIDL10

Full Spectrum Herbal Extract

Dittany Bark

Dittany Bark – is the dried root-bark of Dictamnus dasycarpus. For centuries this herb has been used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine.  The scientific name for this herb is Dictamni Cortex.

Dittany is used medicinally to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, support heart and digestion health.

The function of Dittany Bark (Cortex Dictamni) in traditional Chinese medicine is to clear heat, dry dampness, dispel wind, and relieve toxicity.  In terms of getting healthy skin naturally, Dittany removes dark spots, helps reduce adult and hormonal acne, helps moisten the skin and removes the impurities and toxins.

According to clinical studies, Dittany is also capable of boosting the immune system, diminishing inflammation and pain or numbness caused by arthritis, fighting hepatitis, measles, eczema, scabies, ringworm and other skin conditions.

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