Contract Manufacturer Issues Major Recall of Dietary Supplements ABH NATURE’S PRODUCTS, INC, ABH PHARMA, INC., and STOCKNUTRA.COM, INC. is conducting a nationwide recall of ALL lots of its dietary supplement products pursuant to a Consent Decree entered by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

This recall applies to all dietary supplement products manufactured and sold between January 2013–November 2019 and all lots of products are included in this recall.

The FDA stated that the wide-sweeping ban was the result of:
Manufacturing practices that are not inadequate control represent the possibility of risk being introduced into the manufacturing process resulting in finished supplement products with decreased identity, purity, strength and composition.

Not only were the products banned, but the US Department of Justice required the manufacturer and brands to destroy dietary supplements in their possession, custody, or control, as well as to implement several consumer safety measures before resuming the manufacturing or distributing of dietary supplements.

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