Bitter Herb Benefits And Natural Remedies

You may have heard of dandelions, chamomile, or gentian, but did you know they all fall under the category known as “bitter herbs”?

The term “bitter” has such a negative stigma due to our modernized diets.

We’ve separated ourselves as a species from consuming these bitter herbs regularly, which have essentially left these taste buds unused.

However, these bitter herbs, especially gentian, are essential for everything from suppressing appetites (and improving blood sugar) to healthy digestion.

Let’s take a look at the three benefits of Bitter Herbs.

Digestive Health

Have you ever had days where bloating and other gut issues have kept you awake at night? It can be very stressful. When your gut keeps you up at night, it can lead to stress in the morning, which will begin a cycle of insomnia, stress, and rising blood pressure. No one wants that. Fortunately, taking this (such as gentian) can help alleviate digestive issues from bloating to indigestion.

Regulating Blood Sugar

With how heavily our foods are becoming processed in modern diets, more and more people suffer from blood sugar issues. This can lead to several health problems:

Heart disease
Stomach Pain

Trying to stop consuming sugar cold-turkey can lead to withdrawals. Many end up craving it because of how our brains are wired to seeking sugar. If you’re looking for ways to decrease your sugar craving, then taking gentian daily can help reduce your sugar cravings.

High Blood Pressure

Much like the high levels of sugar found in processed foods, sodium is just as prevalent. High sodium levels in the blood will put unnecessary stress and pressure on the blood vessel walls, which causes high blood pressure. While gentian and other bitter herbs are anti-hypertensive, it’s also essential to follow a low-sodium diet for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Gentian is a useful bitter herb with plenty of health benefits. Adding this bitter herb to your daily regimen will help improve your overall wellness and quality of life.



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  1. Kia says:

    Bitter herbs for better digestion. Once your mind and receptors gets used to the robust bold flavor of bitter herbs – your body will thank you.

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